Books & Materials by Cathy Topal

Explorations in Art: Kindergartendavis art logo

A child-centered, structured program in discovering materials, developing skills, and inventing new ways to create. Field-tested, effective classroom management techniques are included in each lesson. Inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, students connect to concepts across curriculum, from discovering parts of insects/animals to thinking about and designing buildings/communities.

The spiral-bound Teacher Edition takes you step by step through each part of the lesson: engaging students at the start, suggesting questions and comments to promote idea-sharing, pointing out potential challenges, with ongoing assessment suggestions, and scoring rubrics. Provides tips for making each lesson more successful, manageable, and enjoyable, and suggests variations and extensions to lengthen or deepen instruction. Includes illustrations and photographs of suggested classroom layouts and setups and children’s artwork and writing samples.

The Teacher Edition Handbook includes handouts, tips on getting organized, supplies/materials, English and Spanish glossaries, and a bibliography of children’s trade books.