Creation of this website:

Technology has changed since the Thinking with a Line CD-ROM was developed more than 15 years ago. The creator is delighted to offer this website, which contains all the original multi-media programming from the CD-ROM and much more in an easy to access format. It is my hope that teachers, preschoolers, students of all ages, parents, homeschoolers and after-schoolers will enjoy and learn from the many exciting explorations on this website. I know that they will make many more discoveries as well.

I am so grateful to Scott Bultman of Red Hen Toys and Froebel USA, who helped create this website with Jesper Dinesin of Engine, a software development company offering web solutions for business, using existing open source technology.

Abbie Duquette, a student intern at Smith College reformatted and reprogrammed all of the video clips from the original tapes. She was also a helpful advisor.

Joanne Cannon Carlson, head of technology for Smith College, has continued to be a most important consultant and advisor for everything related to Thinking with a Line throughout the last 20 years.

The original CD-ROM:

Credit for the original Thinking with a Line CD-ROM goes to many departments, professors, the Dean of the Faculty, and many students at Smith College. Thanks also to the teachers and children at the Smith College Campus School, and the Center for Early Childhood Education (CECE).

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The multimedia, interactive nature of a computer program is different from written text. It opens exciting opportunities for developing teaching and learning materials. It also requires new kinds of collaborations. The author has found these collaborations with the technology itself, and with the many talented computer programmers who worked on the program to be critical to the quality, strength and success of Thinking With A Line.

Visit Smith College and the many on-campus sites that helped make the Thinking With A Line CD-ROM.

• Educational Technology, EDC 333, offered through the Department of Education and Child Study was the catalyst for the program. Through this course, the author began to see the potential that multi-media programming holds for making the teaching/learning process come alive.

• Smith College students from the Department of Education and Child Study  videotaped children and teachers in action and developed several lessons for this program during their practicum experiences in The Teaching of Visual Arts EDC 305.

• Research, explorations with children and video taping took place at: The Center for Early Childhood Education (CECE)  and at The Smith College Campus School (SCCS)
• All of the programming for Thinking With A Line, editing of video and audio recordings, and creation of this website took place at The Center for Foreign Languages and Cultures (CFLAC) at Smith College. Most of the work was done by student interns.
• Several fine arts images in the program are from the Smith College Museum of Art

Credits Thinking With a Line - v. 3.1

Copyright Thinking with a Line CD-ROM, 2004; Copyright to Teacher's Guide to the interactive CD-ROM, Thinking with a Line, 2005.

Development Team:

Subject Matter/ Pedagogy Expert: Cathy Weisman Topal
Program Design: Cathy Weisman Topal, Joanne CannonCarlson
Programming: Tobias K. Davis, Tiffany Chong, Jamie L. Lesserling, Brigitte J. Bolos, Teodora Nedialkova
Screen Design: Frank Citino
Video Support: Teodora Nedialkova, Anne Sinclair Beauchamp, Meredith Bertrand, Charlie Parham, Doris Friedman
Content Support: Rita Harris, Lella Gandini
Distributed by: Davis Publications Inc. Worcester, MA
Previous Web Design: Tiffany Chong, Nicolette Michaud, Aisha Gabriel

Funded by The Dean's Academic Support Fund and the Center for Foreign Languages and Cultures, Smith College.

Special Thanks to:

Artists Rights Society, Mount Holyoke College Museum of Art, Smith College Museum of Art, Sony Corporation, the children at the Early Childhood Education Center at Smith College, Smith College Campus School, Aliyah Abdur-Rahman, Gwen Agna, Max Ames, Tiphareth Ananda, Pauline Baker, Penny Block, Nancy Brady, Maureen Caouette, Lawrence Chase, Mary Ann Dassatti, Lois Ducharme, Ann Erickson, Susan Etheredge, Susan Fentin, Marie Frank, Mike Guzik, Ellen Hall, Rosanne Hansel, Diane Harr, Beth Haxby, Bob Hepner, Cathy Hofer-Reid, Pam Houk, Wilson & Henry Hutcheson, Barbara Kellum, Sheila Kelly, Maggie Leonard, Anne Lombard, Reihana MacDonald Robinson, Megan Maguire, Rowen & Sasha McEnaney, Mimi Odgers, Elizabeth Pufall, Mary Beth Radke, Julie Lapping Rivera, Al Rudnitsky, Sue Rudnitsky, Gigi Schroeder, Janice Szymaszek, James A. Weisman