Introducing the Process


Demonstrate only what is necessary to introduce the process and the concepts that children need to get started. An open-ended demonstration provokes enthusiasm and ideas, allowing children to make their own discoveries. When you see children running out of space, hand out the small line tool or another piece of paper.


Provoking Thinking

Children intuitively understand the importance of hand orientation as they begin to experiment with line printing. Clearly demonstrate the difference between vertical and horizontal lines with your hand and a line tool and encourage children to try the above lines and to discover others.


Making a Connection

Avery (age 4) makes a connection



As children explore materials and processes, they get immediate feedback. Stories often emerge from their play and experimentation. While experimenting with the zig zag line, Gabriel began thinking about lightning and used the line printing process to create a storm.

Watch Gabriel, age 4 as he describes the elements of his storm. I started with the lightning, then I made the sky and then I made another lightning. I used yellow paper for the lightning.