Small found objects that print clear lines and shapes work best. Found objects are exciting and suggestive when added to linear constructions. Be on the lookout for small bottle caps, spools, pencil grips, and other objects that hold potential for printing.

found objects for printing

One object per child is more than enough. When limited to one object,
explorers figure out how to use an object in many different ways.

3 children line-printing circles

A table of three year-old children explore objects that print different kinds of circles.
Exploring just circular forms offers an opportunity to observe and describe subtle differences.

*Warning! Don't be too quick to add found objects! Once objects are added, it is difficult to return to the more difficult intellectual and physical work of linear construction.

Watch a second grader add a found object print to a pattern design. Notice that the found object was offered only after the linear pattern design had been developed.