Sequencing Line Tools

Sequencing tools is a simple, yet powerful way to encourage exploration and focus.

teachers line printingA group of teachers explores line printing together. Participants find unique ways to respect one another's lines. The challenge is to figure out how to respectfully combine explorations.First they use the large line tool and experiment with the basic lines.

IMGP5592When the paper begins to look full, the smaller line tool is handed out. Suggest using the tool to make connections and to work inside big spaces.

Sequencing to Add Color

When prints are dry, oil pastels work well for filling in the small shapes hidden between lines with color.
Repeat each color to unify the composition.


Tempera paint works well for adding color to larger areas. Encourage painters to carefully work all over the mural. Suggest a number, such as adding each color in at least 5 places before switching colors.