Watch our Video! By simply combining cardboard and paint, the Thinking with a Line program guides children through a process of discovery and creation, helping them learn about and understand their world. And it is all right here for free!

Unlocking Creativity

Children & Printmaking

Thinking & Creating with a Line

When a child, or any person discovers that he or she can print a strong, decisive line, something important happens. It is a recognition of oneself as capable. That sense of self as competent gets reinforced through repetition. It is through repetition, with slight variations, that new avenues of expression and creation open. It is a subtle, yet powerful shift in self-awareness. The goal of this program is to offer strategies for guiding this creative process.

Explore line printing with 3 year-olds to 83 year-olds. Line is a basic art and design element and a key to unlocking the creative process. You will be amazed by what you and your students can construct with a little piece of cardboard and some paint!

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To Print a Line

A small rectangle of cardboard dipped into paint easily becomes a tool for making lines.





Experiment! Print a strong line. Try vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines. Extend, cross and connect lines. Form shapes, letters, patterns, and a multitude of other structures. You will soon realize that you are thinking and creating with a line!