The Printed Word

Constructing letters, names, words, signs and posters develops placement, planning and spatial skills. It makes beginning literacy an exciting game of construction and discovery. Creating an effective sign or poster necessitates playing and wrestling with words and their meanings to find the right wording to convey a message. Printing letters, the alphabet, signs and posters is also a design challenge.

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Letters & Names

30-45 minutes
The letters of the alphabet are made up of vertical, horizontal, diagonal and curved lines. Line printing is a concrete way to see, experience, and demonstrate these complex understandings on…
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30-45 minutes
After playing with letter construction and perhaps printing their names, children seem to love the challenge of trying to print the whole alphabet. Review Letters and Names before teaching this…
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Signs & Posters

(2) 45-minute sessions
Line printing is an easy and effective way to create bold and clear signs and posters. It is also a great way to practice the many skills and concepts involved…
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