“To design is the play with the intersection of one’s own ideas and a set of rules” (Joanne Cannon, Head of Technology, Smith College). Young children are designers by nature. Children at drawing/writing centers invest time and derive satisfaction from creating elaborate designs. There is a  natural urge to create order and beauty. Everyone – both young and old – enjoys experimenting and creating patterns and radial designs, as well as informal design formations.

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30 minutes
Begin with the basic lines. Printing basic lines lays the groundwork for all of the activities in this program. Exploring vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines again and again in multiple…
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chilld painting


45 minutes
A pattern is formed when an element is repeated many times in the same way. Line printing is an easy way to practice making patterns and to gain a concrete…
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Radial Design

45 minutes
Radial designs start at a central point and radiate out from a center like rays of the sun or spokes of a wheel. Radial designs build upon patterning concepts and…
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(2) 45-minute sessions
In most works of art the composition – arrangement of the art elements line, shape, color, texture, and value – is informal, or asymmetrical. We do not see a pattern…
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