“It would be so easy to link all these concepts and activities to the curriculum frameworks in just about all content areas!”

Kindergarten Teacher

“Thinking with a Line offers a variety of wonderful, inexpensive, mind-expanding activities that lend themselves to adaptation for Special Needs students. My students with fine motor and spatial awareness issues were thrilled when they were able to represent their ideas in such a strong and satisfying way.”

Mary Beth Radke

Special Education Teacher, Reading Specialist

“Full of information, detail and content, but done in an engaging, interesting, accessible format. You have something great here- the power and potential of line thinking and printing. A great instructional tool for both pre-service and current teachers.”

Susan Etheredge

Professor of Education and Child Study, Smith College

“It’s multidisciplinary!”

Physician and Parent

“It is frustrating when what happens on the page does not match your mental image or intention. An issue for me was that I did not have the motor skills to draw what I wanted to create. If I had had printing instead of drawing, I would have been able to do it easily.”

Researcher in a Science Laboratory

“I think the format is appealing and user-friendly, the projects themselves wonderfully engaging and fun, and the explanations excellent for putting theory into practice!”

Cathy Reid

Elementary School Principal

“Even though all the students are working with the same materials, all finished creations are completely different.”

Kindergarten Teacher

“I learn so much by seeing children and teachers in the video clips and hearing what they say.”

Student Teacher

“The program acts as a visual lesson plan… Although the activities start at a basic level, it is easy to see how a simple line can be used to create a substantial piece of architecture.”

Elementary Classroom Teacher

Kindergarten Teacher, Smith College Campus School

“It is important for me to include the arts in my classroom. This program gives the reasoning and learning objectives behind the lessons.”

First Grade Teacher

“This is fantastic. It’s really a beautiful piece of work and I love how the videos amplify and teach the principles of each section. This will be so useful to teachers, after school programs, and parents that want to explore this approach with children.”

Sam Intrator

Professor and Chair of Education and Child Studies Department, Professor of Urban Education Smith College

“I used this program in my higher education class. Both my students and I found the videos prompted plenty of discussion about the role of the teacher and the importance of allowing children to explore a given media and process on their own time.”

Art Education Professor

“I would use this program to complement classroom instruction, especially to introduce a unit or topic. The program offers possibilities for incorporating art into the curriculum – the natural world, architecture, anatomy and much more.”

Elementary Classroom Teacher

“Revolutionary! The website demonstrates the true nature of teaching through gentle guidance and respect for children’s ideas.”

Early Childhood/Elementary Art Teacher