Line printing supplies are simple, low cost and easy to make. All you need is cardboard, paint and paper.

Watch Cathy show you how to make your own straight  line printing stamps.

Straight-Line Stamps

Cardboard line stamps cut from corrugated cardboard boxes, heavy duty cardboard or matt board are used in all the activities on this website. And all you need to begin are the two straight-line stamps. After experimenting with many different sizes of cardboard stamps I have found the dimensions shown below to work the best.

Curved Line Stamps

Curved line tools are useful for more advanced work – letters, names, and the alphabet, signs and posters, machines, architecture, skeletons and composition.

Tempera Paint

Liquid tempera paint is used for all the lessons in this website. Regular grade tempera paint (not washable, which has filler in it) works best since it has more color pigment.

If you are working with a whole school, you probably order large bottles of tempera paint. But, pint-sized bottles of tempera paint with squeeze tops make paint distribution go quickly and easily. It makes sense to get a “6 pack of pints” and refill them as needed. The 6 pack contains the primary colors – red, yellow, blue – plus black, white and green.

As you squeeze a line of paint out on a tray, be sure to try printing a few lines yourself before distributing trays of paint to students. If the paint seems too thick, you can add a little water and mix.

Supplies for Adding Color to Prints